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Penguin relates to the handle given to Google’s most recently released algorithm update.

A considerable amount of business websites ended up being impacted by the Penguin algorithm, Set in motion with the purpose of hunting down and dropping specifically what Google perceives over optimised sites from the natural and organic search results.

Just in case your site experienced traffic drop on account of the Penguin update, be aware of this because a certain amount of aspects of your website whether something within your on-page material or perhaps any of your site’s inbound links may be considered web spam by the newest adaptation of Google’s ranking algorithm.

The Penguin update is looking to penalise internet websites which employ examples of the following:

  • Intense keyword targeting (over optimisation)
  • Too much use of keyword domains (over optimisation)
  • Poor quality article marketing (spam)
  • Keyword and key phrase stuffing in links (spam)

Google aspires to give searchers essentially the most natural end results they can. This particular update is definitely aimed toward offering the Google user the most positive experience and the best relevant results.

With the help of Google Penguin, pages which usually publish high quality content and material are going to have increased prominence over the ones that publish what is essentially spam.

To make an effort to repair the damage, or maybe protect your site in the foreseeable future, give consideration to taking the following three actions:

Place emphasis on content quality over on site optimisation. Put together content and material that visitors naturally want to consume.

View your current inbound link profile. This requires precious time however it is advisable to put together high-value, highly-relevant inbound links.

Get rid of obvious web spam. If you have inappropriately duplicated or “scraped” content, keyword-stuffed content or doorway pages.

You have some work to do..

Since April 24, Google has been implementing Penguin worldwide…

There have been various other revisions that did not get named by Google in the same manner nevertheless had a huge impact. We’ve seen many sites with over-optimised anchor text being hit from very early 2012

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